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BattleTech Dossier - Saskia van Leewenhoek by RogueBaron BattleTech Dossier - Saskia van Leewenhoek by RogueBaron
And to complete the Blazing Aces line up (and to prepare for the upcoming Zoids - BattleTech crossover (coming in fall)), here it is, my Zoid heroine Saskia van Leewenhoek in BattleTech form.  She is not the full member of Blazing Aces, rather an auxiliary member who pops up occasionally, creating tension with the Blazing Aces' true aerospace leader, Lt. Vicky Lantham.  

For the last 3 years Saskia is my main protagonist after Parker retired.  I had a lot of fun writing Saskia's adventure because she is not perfect, she is naive and vulnerable, she owns a "weapon" that can destroy half of civilization in Zoids universe but doesn't use it like typical mad leader that owns a weapon that can destroy half of civilization.  From the beginning I designed her as mundanely regular as possible, because I want something that I can relate to in everyday life.  She is far from being supermodel-skinny, foolishly acts first thinks later, doesn't have special ability or power, and definitely does not bring a katana ;P  And you know what?  Writing a mundanely regular heroine is more fun than writing an uberly-awesome Mary Sue.

The crossover idea comes from the e-book "Empire Aflame" in which a jumpship misjumped to another, ehm, dimension.  While this another dimension is still within BattleTech universe, the idea opens up a whole can of worm.  What if the other dimension is the universe of Gundam?  Or Macross?  Or Zoids?  Hey, I like Zoids!  Let's make a crossover!  I have been cooking this idea for over a year, and I can safely say it'll come out Fall 2017.

Physically Saskia is modeled after American-Idol-reject-turned-Academy-Award-winner Jennifer Hudson (which proves that American Idol is a joke).  I love Jennifer Hudson's voice.  That's the first thing I settled when I designed Saskia: I want a voice like Jennifer Hudson.  It's just a bonus that Ms. Hudson has a body type that I am looking for Saskia, so hey, two things in one package.

Done in pencil and GIMP
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The-Colonel-382 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
She got a Battletech Dossier!!!!
RogueBaron Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
About time :thumbsup:
The-Colonel-382 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
So would The Gilvader be considered a LAM? 😎
RogueBaron Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ha ha, I don't know.  I have yet to think about the rule for it.
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