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First of all, for those who are newly watching me, I do not work for Kentucky Department of Tourism.  I just like to take pictures of interesting things during motorcycle rides all around Kentucky.  It just happens that I like covered bridges since they are hundreds of years old and still function to some degree.  Back in the 1800's, there are about 700 of covered bridges all around Kentucky.  Now there are only 13 of them left.  Some are nicely preserved, others are abandoned and left to rot. 

In the first part I covered 5 bridges that are close to Lexington.  In this part I cover 6 more covered bridges that are farther away from Lexington. 

Johnson Creek

Last time I was in the vicinity but I lost my map so I didn’t know the twists and turns to get to the covered bridge.  It was actually pretty simple.  Started off at US 27/68.  I hate this part.  It’s mundane, lots of construction, lots of slow-moving trucks.  But like Nicholas Cage said : It’s evil, but it’s a necessary evil.

(Quiz: The first person that knows where that quote come from will get a free commission from me!) 

Outside Millersburg US68 branched off to US36.  This was still straight line but much more manageable than 27/68.  It’s a 4-line highway with barely anything on it.  I was tempted to open wide the throttle but I was not in the mood of hooliganism so I just kept it 65-70.  Passing Blue Lick Battlefield, I turned left into 165 which was much more interesting than the highway.  Unfortunately it was only for 1.5 miles before I had to turn to Old Blue Lick road.  This was quite interesting too. 


Johnson Creek Covered Bridge was on the right side of the road.






The bridge can be ridden through but it takes you nowhere.  It’s just a ‘cul-de-sac’ at the side of the road.  I thought of riding it through but then I thought, Eh, maybe later when I could actually go somewhere.


Cabin Creek

 This one was actually started off the same route as Johnson Creek, but the bridge itself was in the middle of nowhere and a beeyotch to find.  From US 36 instead of turning to 165 I stayed on 36 all the way to Maysville Kentucky.  Then I took Highway 9 for about 10 miles before turning left on 3161 or Water Tower Road.  Less than 1 mile I turned left into Highway 10.  After that a very small road called Owl Hollow.  This was a very hard road to find because there was barely a sign.  And then the road turned into a small road into a forest similar to Hillbilly Triangle.  The road itself was very interesting and road condition was surprisingly good, but I probably would’ve enjoyed it more if I wasn’t burdened by the feeling that I was getting lost.  I spent 1 hour just to look for the right turn because there was almost nothing here.

 But finally I made it.  It was hardly worth it because the bridge was just, you know, a bridge.  Other than historical value, there was nothing more offered by this place.  The bridge was in good condition, but that was it.  But I was glad I made it.  This was probably the hardest one I had yet to find.








Going through the bridge, there were some old abandoned buildings that might just make this trip worthwhile.  I was tempted to check this building out.  But I was worried that I might bite more than I could chew, and the wisdom in me (alright, alright, the coward in me) prompted me to leave the building alone.





 Beechfork Bridge was in Washington County, and the only one that was located south of Lexington.  I was sure there were more interesting routes to get there but to conserve time I decided to use Bluegrass Parkway.  It was just an interstate-like road, but there were a lot of roadkills.  Holy crap the road was practically a mass grave for wild animals.  This was for the better part of the trip down south.  About 25 miles down I exited the killing fields and took 1754 to Chaplin.  Just mundane road, nothing worth mentioning.  At Chaplin I turned left to 458 to Beechfork.  This was a good ride but there were bugs everywhere, from mosquitoes to marble-sized beetles that whacked my helmet as if it was shot from an air rifle.  You should see my visor coming back from this trip. 

 The bridge itself was not hard to find.  It was parallel to the road, and this was the longest covered bridge in Kentucky, so nobody could miss it due to its size.  It was probably the only one with a support in the center (I have to check this fact). 






(alright, alright, it's Walcott, but it's still fun to reference BattleTech every now and then =D)

From Lexington I took Russel Cave road north until US62, then continued past Cynthiana all the way to Oddville. Nothing worth of mention, except that Oddville was an amish community.  Or maybe it just happened that 2 amish boy were walking at the roadside, looking at me, and giving me "odd" hand gesture (no, they didn't flip me).  I don't know.  Maybe odd things bound to happen at Oddville.  I didn't even know what they were trying to say, so I just ignored them and went on my merry way.

 Past Oddville US62 branched to KY19.  This is a fun road.  I went through it the last time and I wanted to do it again.  It was moderately curvy with interchanging scenery between rolling hills and rural settlements.  But unfortunately I had been spending time too much on a cage (I think?) that I didn't feel comfortable on the twisties.  As Austin Powers says: "Crickey!  I lost my Mow-Jow!!"  I tried to remember what was different from the last time, but couldn't find any.  So I just slowed down, wayyyyy down.  It was almost embarrasing, but I'd rather be safe.

I ran my action camera during this segment, and I'm happy to say the result is very satisfying even though I went slower than usual.  You've seen Minmay countless of time.  Now you can see her in action, purring and roaring through the twists and turns of KY19.

Going past KY19 I took 1159 north.  This was an unmaintained road, full of debris and uneven pavement.  Luckily I had to be here only for 5 minutes.  Wolcott bridge was just off Highway 9 and what a sight for sore eyes (and bums  ;p)




This one was in really, really good condition





There was a spot at the creek bank that we could go far into the water and take cool snapshots of the bridge




One down, two to go.  Next I went to Dover.  Last time I was here I failed to find the entrance.  So this time I came from the opposite direction.  I took Highway 8 eastbound so I would need to turn right instead of left.  That should be easier, and proved to be successful.  This one was in a cul-de-sac next to Lee's Creek Road, and was actually still in use, although it took me nowhere.








 Valley Pike

Alright, two bridges under my belt.  The last one was Valley Pike.  This was hard to find because it was in the middle of nowhere (at least according to Google maps).  But it was only 7 miles from Dover, so why quit when you're so close to perfection?  First I went back to Highway 8 eastbound until KY576 or Tuckahoe Road. Then I went 4 miles until I found an even smaller road Minerva Tuckahoe Road.  Went there for 1 mile through light forest until a branch to Valley Pike.  From there another mile until the bridge.  This one was in a very poor condition.  It looked like the thing was about to fall apart.  Poor guy.







Alright, 3 for 3.  It was only 4 o'clock and the sun was still bright.  At this time I could continue to Bennett Mill, 65 miles away, but I didn't want to push it.  Quit while you're ahead.  So I just continued down Valley Pike to Germantown Road, then Highway 9, then US68.  Nothing to report on this leg.  It was just one stretch of road.  I did push Minmay close to 90 but since the speed limit was only 55, again, I didn't want to push it further than that.  Some other time, some other highway (or interstate, for that matter).

There are only 2 remaining covered bridges that I haven't visited, Bennet Mill and Oldtown. These two are far away from Lexington.  Hopefully I have some time to visit them in the near future.

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