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I'm not a historian like one of my best friends here in dA (*wink wink*), but I always like historical sites.  Something about things that stood through the test of time always interests me. 

Once there were hundreds of covered bridges in Kentucky.  Most of them were burnt and destroyed during The Civil War.  Then natural disasters, neglects, and vandalism reduced the number even more.  Now there are only 13 survivors of the bridges from yesteryear throughout Kentucky.  Some land owner built covered bridges in their lands as a nostalgia of some sort, but that doesn't count.  Nobody cares about shiny-new 21st century covered bridges in private properties.  The hundred-years-old defiants of time were where the good things lied.

I have a plan to visit all 13 covered bridges in Kentucky, but time and place don't always cooperate with me (working 40+ hours a week and taking care of 2 demanding runts take the majority of my time), so I have to sneak in every now and then.  In 2 years I manage to visit 5 of them.  Five in 2 years, that's not bad.  If this rate continues, I'd finish all 13 of them by the year of 2018.  Not a bad long term plan.

1. Switzer.

Switzer is located near Kentucky's capital, Frankfort.  Switzer bridge spanned over Elkhorn Creek and was heavily damage by a flood in 1997, but was rebuilt and opened to public in 1998. It was not rideable, and whoever rebuilt it made sure no vehicle could go through by creating high steps and poles on both edges of the bridge. What made it worthwile was that the creek had some stepping stones far into the body of water, so we could take cool snapshots like the first picture.

Posted Image

Posted Image

2.  Colville

Colville Bridge is the closest to Lexington, and has been the favorite of motorists around Lexington because it is still in operational condition.   Colville bridge was located practically in the middle of nowhere, but the drive through was worth the entire bumpy ride.  Like Switzer, Colville bridge was damaged by flood then rebuilt. The downside of this place was there was no way I could take a picture of its span over the water. The cliff was too steep. But I got to ride through it.

Posted Image

Posted Image

3.  Hillsboro

There are three covered bridges close together: Hillsboro, Ringo Mills, and Goddard.  Hitting these three should be easy since they are within 10 miles apart from each other.  Hillsboro appears to be in the worst condition of the three (and the worst condition of all covered bridges I've ever visited).  It is largely abandoned near a cattle farm, and even though it's on the side of US111, one can barely distinguish it from local barns.  It's not used for traffic although one can walk through it.  But the poor condition of the bridge makes even tiptoeing a daunting experience.



4.  Ringo Mills

Ringo Mills is also at the side of the road, but it is in a much better condition than Hillsboro.  At least the paint is fresh, the planks are not rotten, and the fasteners are not rusty. 




5.  Goddard.

This is the best condition of the hundred-years structures I've ever seen.  It's still in operational condition, and the church behind it added a very nice addition to the already photogenic structure.  Granted, the church would be jammed by cars / motorcycles every Sunday because only 1 car / bike can go through the bridge at any one time, but who minds a bit of delay at a historic hundred-years-old bridge?




I'll post more

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